107THNEWLOGO by Matthew A. Maringola
Graphic Artist. The stylized 27 in the center of the patch also  forms the letters N.Y. in recognition of the unit's nickname, The New York Division. The seven stars are from the constellation Orion in honor of the 27th Division's commander John F. O'Ryan

The picture of the Camp Wadsworth Post Office sign was sent to me by its owner, a private collector living near Spartanburg, South Carolina. Here's what he has to say about the sign.

"The Camp Wadsworth Post Office Sign was originally salvaged by James C. Hodge of Arcadia during the 1930's prior to the CCC largely razing the former WW1 training camp. When Hodge happened across the sign, it lay on the ground having fallen under its on weight...I couldnt think of a more exhilerating sign to have happened across from the former WW1 training camp. This was a sign that signified "home" to over 30,000+ soldiers [fathers, sons, husbands], many of whom would never see home nor U.S. soil again [enroute to the battlefields of France.] The hopes, dreams, prayers and joy of so many whom served here..weighed on this post office sign. The sign measures 6 ft long by 2 ft wide, painted white with black lettering. A one inch red border was painted along the top and bottom [not on the sides.] In the middle, at the base of the bottom board, you can make out _02 N.Y.Engineers [undoubtedly the 102nd Engineers.] I do not see how this sign survived [except for the spirits of those whom served here.] After the camp closed in 1919, things were fairly dormant during the 1920's with the exception of former farm familys moving back to reclaim what was theirs before the Army came. Some familys were allowed to stay provided their farms serve as experimental dairies to supply the troops. Theres no way of knowing how many years the sign had lain on the ground before Hodge came along...and that he had the foresight to salvage it prior to the CCC razing the campsite. It seems that from the time it was salvaged Hodge had stored it in a work shed..."

If you go to the Camp Wadsworth Map the post office was located next to the 27th Division Headquarters (#19) mid-way down on the left side of the map.